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What is an x-ray?What is an x-ray?

X-rays are invisible bundles of energy that pass through the body to create a picture of your child's bones and organs. For some areas being x-rayed, lead shields may be used to protect other parts of your child's body.

What can I expect the x-ray examination to be like?

These examinations are usually not painful but do require your child to keep still for a moment. Parents may be invited into the room while the x-ray images are being taken to comfort and assist the child. If the child feels uncomfortable during the examination, let the technologist know. Patients do not feel the x-rays themselves.

My Child’s Medical Imaging Record


For tracking the date and type of examination and where the  study was performed:

Tracking the date and type of examination

Helpful to both care-providers and parents: tracking the number of radiologic studies children are exposed to helps inform treating physicians of recent similar examinations, helping them to decide if examinations are necessary. Tracking the number of examinations and location where  the images are stored can be helpful in alerting families and their care providers to the issue of radiation safety. Similar to an immunization record, use your choice of record size to record where and when a study was performed. This is particularly important when medical care is provided by a variety of physicians, emergency departments, and emergency hospitals and can help decrease the number of repetitive examinations.