Image Gently® and Digital Radiography

One size does not fit all...

There's no question:  X-rays help us save kids' lives.  But when we image, radiation matters!  Children are more sensitive to radiation.  What we do now lasts their lifetimes.  So, when we image, let's Image Gently®.

More is often not better.  When X-ray is the right thing to do:

  • Measure patient thickness for "child-size" technique
  • Avoid using grids for body parts less than 10 - 12 cm thick
  • X-ray only the indicated area with proper collimation and shielding
  • Check exposure indicators and image quality

    With appreciation to:

    • Susan John, MD - Co-Chair, Steven Don, MD - Co-Chair, Marilyn Goske, MD,  Quentin Moore, MPH, RT(R)(T)(QM), Ellen Charkot, MRT(R), QC, BHA, Tracy Herrmann, MEd, RT(R),  Eileen Maloney, MEd RT(R)(M) FASRT, Thalia Mills, PhD - US FDA, Keith Strauss, MSc, FAAPM, FACR, Lois Lehman, RT (R)(CT), Lois Rutz,  Lauren Noble, Ed.D., RT(R), Mervyn Cohen, MD, MBChB,  Susan Smith, RT(R),  Greg Morrison, M.A., R.T.(R), CNMT, COO - ASRT,  Kevin Powers, EdS, RT(R)(M),  Robert Mac Dougall, MSc, and Coreen Bell.
    • Special thank you to Ceela Mc Elveny (ASRT), Loren Stacks (ASRT), and Shawn Farley (ACR) for marketing and design support. 


Digital Radiography

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