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Image Gently Mission Statement Update 

The mission of the Image Gently Alliance is, through advocacy, to improve safe and effective imaging care of children worldwide.

Campaign Overview

The Image Gently Campaign and the Image Gently Alliance rely on the generous donations of resources from the founding organizations (Society for Pediatric Radiology, American College of Radiology,  American Society for Radiologic Technologists, and the American Association of Physicists in Medicine), all Alliance Organizations, supporters, and Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center. The leadership gratefully acknowledges the time, talent and expertise from representatives of GE Healthcare, Philips Healthcare, Toshiba America, and Siemens Medical Systems, who are committed to improving healthcare for children through activities related to this campaign.

The Alliance is grateful for the unrestricted educational grant from GE Healthcare made in 2007.  The campaign does not accept corporate financial donations at this time.

Great News! 

The SPR has arranged for Image Gently donations to be made through their secure website system.  Support the Image Gently Campaign here!

2017 Butterfly Award Winner


2017 Butterfly Award
Dr. S. Ted Treves and Dr. Fred Fahey accepted the 2017 Butterfly Award on behalf of the Image Gently Nuclear Medicine Working Group at the 2017 Image Gently Alliance Meeting in Chicago, Illinois on November 27, 2017.

Children's Book on CT

A children’s book entitled, Learning about X-rays with Lula and Ethan is based on one young child, Ethan, getting a head CT after having a minor playground injury. Read more here....




11/14/2017: Brain MRI findings in pediatric patients post ECMO

Neurologic complications can occur with ECMO due to several factors. Prior studies identified neonates as having unique risk factors and neuro-imaging findings post-ECMO. The aim of this study is to describe brain MRI findings of pediatric patients treated with ECMO. We conducted a retrospective study of non-neonatal pediatric patients who underwent a comprehensive brain MRI [...] Read more

11/09/2017: Association between Testicular Microlithiasis and Testicular Neoplasia: Large Multicenter Study in a Pediatric Population

To retrospectively define the strength of association between testicular microlithiasis and testicular neoplasia in a large geographically diverse pediatric population.  [Read more...]

11/08/2017: What parents need to know before orders for X-Rays, Scans and Radiation for Kids

When a child is ill or injured, you want your child to get whatever medical tests are needed, as soon as possible. But when it comes to imaging tests — such as X-rays, PET scans, and CT scans — the key word is “needed.” Those tests use radiation that, if exposed to often enough, has [Read more...]

11/07/2017: Global Pediatric Brain Tumor Market Is Growing Continuously And Expected To Grow At A CAGR ...

Of 4.1% From 2017 To 2023.  [Read more...]

11/02/2017: Diffusion-Tensor Imaging of the Physes: A Possible Biomarker for Skeletal Growth—Experience with 151 Children

Purpose To determine the changes of diffusion-tensor imaging (DTI) and tractography in the distal femur and proximal tibia related to age, sex, and height. Materials and Methods Following institutional review board approval, with waiver of consent and with HIPAA compliance, the authors retrospectively analyzed DTI images of the knee in 151 children, 73 girls (median [Read more…]

10/20/2017: What Parents Should Know about the Safety of Dental Radiology

There are many different types of x-ray images (pictures) that can be taken of children in the dental office to assist in diagnosis. These include the panoramic and orthodontic (cephalometric) extraoral images, intraoral images such as bitewings and periapicals (little films that go inside the mouth) and cone beam computed tomography (CBCT). All of these [Read More...]

10/2/2017: Optimizing Medical Imaging for Children of All Sizes

A proposed framework balances quality and safety of computed tomography protocols across a range of body sizes in pediatric populations.  Read about it here.

New Guidance for Pediatric CT by AAPM Alliance for Quality Computed Tomography

9/18/17: After rising for nearly a decade, findings show that CT for children leveled off - the momentum of #Image Gently is credited!

New Children's ERs choosing ultrasound over CT for tummy pain; general ERs encouraged to follow suit

Read the full article!

New App Assesses Radiation Dosage in Pediatric Imaging

Read the full article here!

Reminder: What the Image Gently Alliance is About

August 22, 2017

Statement from the Image Gently Alliance on the Potential Risk to Children Associated with Ionizing Radiation from Medical Imaging  

There is ongoing dialogue in the medical and scientific communities about the level of health risk to children - if any - from exposure to low-level radiation in diagnostic imaging. This discussion includes any increased lifetime risk of developing cancer.

There is little to no disagreement that unnecessary radiation exposure should be avoided. This can be achieved through informed use of imaging examinations or procedures that use ionizing radiation (CT, nuclear medicine, etc.).

To this end, the Image Gently Alliance (www.imagegently.org, www.imagegentlyparents.org, www.imagegentlyproviders.org) has consistently promoted accountability and best practices to:

-        use imaging when clinically appropriate,

-        use the appropriate imaging modality, and

-        child-size the examination.

This translates to the Right Exam, at the Right Time, done the Right Way.

Frush DP, Lungren MP. The Image Gently Think-a-Head Campaign: Keep calm and Image Gently. J Am Coll Radiol 2017; 14(2): 301-302

Frush DP. Counterpoint: Image Gently: Should It End or Endure? J Am Coll Radiol 2016 13(10):1199-1202


See the Latest IAEA Radiation Protection of Patients NEWS!….

Click here for the latest from IAEA Radiation Protection of Patients..!

August 8, 2017: Remembering Dr. Azza Hammou


G. Gaslini Children’s Hospital of Genoa holds Image Gently-focused Awareness Open House

On Saturday, May 6th, in “G. Gaslini Children’s Hospital” of Genoa, one of the most important pediatric hospitals of Italy, an Open

The aim of this event was to promote a series of meeting with children, parents and professionals about the specific needs of care of young people and their families.

We, as radiologic team of the Institute, had set-up a booth with documents, leaflets, videos and professionals showing the correct way to use x-ray in children. Several leaflets were the Italian official translated copies of the Image Gently information for parents. Moreover we had Think A-Head posters and Image Gently pins useful to illustrate that our radiologic practices are guided by the IG Alliance indications.

More than 300 persons participated in the events, and it was really exciting for us to speak with parents and children about our daily work explaining the efforts to produce good diagnostic images using the less invasive way.

Obviously every visitor of the Open Day of “G. Gaslini Children’s Hospital” returned home wearing a beautiful Image Gently pin. 

Marco A. Ciccone

2017 Medical Imaging Technology Showcase


News from WHO: Communicating Radiation Risks in Pediatric Imaging


News from AAPM: Educational Material to meet Joint Commission requirements


NEW: ISRQSA News - January 2016 Edition


News from ACR: New Microsite

The ACR recently launched a new microsite (http://www.acraccreditation.org/) for accreditation to help facilities more easily find information on ACR Accreditation programs. You can still access ACR Accreditation through the main ACR website www.acr.org, and click on accreditation. The microsite also includes an improved pediatric accredited facility search feature (http://www.acraccreditation.org/accredited-facility-search) that allows patients, families and referring physicians to find accredited facilities and those awarded special recognition (see the seals under “What do the seals mean?”).

The Image Gently® supporter logo (see below) indicates that a facility is accredited in pediatric CT imaging. Such facilities commit to imaging pediatric patients with appropriate radiation dose. 

ACCFAC - ImageGently

NEW: Consumer Reports: The Value of an Alliance

The Value of an Alliance

The National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP) and the American College of Radiology (ACR) are valued Image Gently® Alliance members. The ACR was a founding organization and the NCRP was one of the earliest Alliance members. Both organizations have a strong commitment to public information and welfare. Read more....

NEW: AuntMinnie - Google Analytics helps enhance Image Gently website


Answers to Common Questions About the Use and Safety of CT Scans


68th World Health Assembly


New York Image Safe Webinars


"Impact of North American Guidelines Relating to Pediatric NM Exams" Article


IAEA Patient Leaflet


Federal Guidance Report No.14


CT Pediatric Protocols


In the National Media

  • the Image Gently® response to the 4/2/2014 Newsweek article entitled  "Death Rays"
  • the Image Gently® response to the 1/31/2014 NYT op-ed "Are we Giving Ourselves Cancer?"

Image Gently & MITA work together

MITA And Image Gently Release Joint Position Paper On Interventional X-Ray Equipment For Pediatric Patients

The position paper offers essential questions and insights for engineers and designers of interventional X-ray imaging technologies for pediatric patients (from neonate to 21 years of age) to consider when developing such equipment, with the ultimate goal of improving patient outcomes, enhancing image quality and managing radiation dose.

 Click here to access the press release.

Image Gently Letter to Parents

June 2013 - An article has been published in Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) - Pediatrics this month with regard to radiation exposure during CT scans and the effects on pediatric patients.  Please click here to read the response from Image Gently.

NCRP Report 172 Available

The NCRP Report No. 172, Reference Levels and Achievable Doses in Medical and Dental Imaging: Recommendations for the United States is now available.  This Report represents an important continuation of NCRP reports on radiation safety and health protection in medicine and lays the foundation for the development and application of DRLs and achievable doses for diagnostic x-ray examinations.  Please click here to read the NCRP press release and for information on how to purchase a copy.

Dose Notifications and Alerts for CT Scanners

The American Association of Physicists in Medicine’s (AAPM) Working Group on Standardization of CT Nomenclature and Protocols has developed a PowerPoint presentation explaining what the Dose Check Standard’s dose notifications and dose alerts are, how they work, how they should be used, and cautions for certain clinical applications.  Access the presentation here.

Most hospitals follow pediatric nuclear medicine dose guidelines


Administered Activities in Ped. Nuclear Med. & the Impact of the 2010 N. A. Consensus Guidelines on General Hospitals in the U.S.


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