Pledge Certificate

Thank you for pledging to Image Gently! Your involvement is a key reason the campaign has been successful to date.

In recognition of your commitment, the Alliance for Radiation Safety in Pediatric Imaging has developed an image gently pledge logo available to you and your practice/department. We invite you to use the logo wisely as an indication you are increasing awareness of CT and radiation in children in your practice and local medical community and that your practice or institution has taken steps to "child-size" your pediatric protocols.

Be aware that publicizing your commitment to the issue may raise questions in the minds of the parents of your pediatric patients. To prepare for those questions, explore the “Parents” pages of the Image Gently site and encourage concerned parents to do so also.

If you are interested in a printable certificate showing your pledge, click on the image below for a pledge certificate to complete and print.

Now that you've pledged, tell your colleagues, your patients and their parents.  The Alliance invites you to download the "We Pledged" logo and use it to tell the community you are committed to using the appropriate protocols on children - to reduce radiation dose - to Image Gently.

Since the Alliance cannot verify your compliance with these recommendations,  we kindly ask your patience with the terms of use of the "We Pledged" logo. 
Once you have read and agreed to the terms of use, you'll be invited to download and display the "We Pledged" logo and be granted access to the certificate (pictured below) which can be personalized and printed locally.