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CR/DR Vendor Summit, February 2010, Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology, St. Louis, Missouri

The CR/DR Summit was held at Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology in St. Louis in February 2010.  Below are recorded presentations from this meeting. 

Welcome -  R. Gilbert Jost, MD (3:04)

Image Gently Introduction - Marilyn J. Goske, MD (12:15)

Overview: State of Confusion - Steven Don, MD (13:32)

Technical Issues - J. Anthony Seibert, PhD, FAAPM (15:05)

Image Quality - Eliot L. Siegel, MD, FSIIM (15:33)

Dose Index Registry - Richard L. Morin, PhD, FAAPM (15:22)

IHE & Radiation Exposure Monitoring - Kevin O’Donnell, MS (18:21)

The Image Gently CT Summit was held at Cincinnati Children's Hospital in August of 2008.  Below are recorded presentations from this meeting.

Introduction - Nora and Dr. Marilyn Goske   

Campaign Overview  (8:17)

Team Approach to ALARA Use of Radiation in Medicine by All Stakeholders- Penny Butler, MS, (19:14)

Pediatric Radiology’s Need for Patient Radiation Dose Information: Impact on Quality of Patient Care - Donald Frush, MD (40:19)

Pediatric CTDIvol & DLP Displayed Values: Current State and a Proposed Improvement - Keith Strauss, MS (24:23)

Standardized Nomenclature in CT Dose Display - Manudeep Kalra, MD (17:15)  

Pediatric CT Dosimetry Phantoms—Science of Choice - Vladimir Varchena, MSc (24:29)

Presentation of Pediatric CT Dose Information - FDA Perspective - Robert Phillips, PhD (14:29)

State of CT Education/Certification for Technologists - Greg Morrison, MA, RT(R), CNMT (16:27)

Pediatric CT Dose Reduction Education: Partnering for the Future - Marilyn J. Goske, MD (17:35)  

Listen to: Pediatric MDCT Protocol Workshop: Image Quality vs. Dose (Note: this is an audio file and may take a few moments to load. There are no visuals.) Workshop presented live at the 2008 SPR meeting, May 7 - 10. 

  • Chest  - Donald P. Frush, MD 
  • Abdomen - Shreyas S. Vasanawala, MD, PhD
  • Neuro - Charles M. Glasier, MD 

On July 16, 2012, Image Gently representatives attended the FDA Public Workshop:  Device Improvements for Pediatric X-ray Imaging.  Use this link for transcripts of this very important meeting. 

5th Annual Medical Technology Showcase

Washington DC 2014


For a brief summary of this event, please click here.


Photo left to right:

Dr. Susan John, UTHSC Houston 
Dr. Jonathan Murnick, Children’s National Medical Center
Sara Reges, TBI parent advocate
Charles Reges, TBI patient
Thomas Haller, TBI patient
John Haller, Toshiba
Dr. Keith Peters, University of Florida
Eugene Atta Mensah, Toshiba
Tom Szostak, Toshiba